Welcome on this blog full of information about Space, SF and Fantasy Comics, and offcourse the comics.

Science Fiction comics began as early as the 1930s in US newspapers. They have since spread to many countries around the world, with the two largest publishers of this comic genre today arguably being the United States and Japan.

Fantasy comics have been around as long as the medium itself.

The early years of fantasy comics began in the golden age and were populated with such notable works range from All-American comics’ (and later DC comics’) Greek myth inspired super hero Wonder Woman to Dell’s Tarzan.

You can access the information and comics through the sidebar.

The comics are mostly in packages from around 100mb, inside these rar-packages you will find the comics in cbr format.

You can view the comics with any cbr-reader like CDisplay or ComicRack.

Most comics are from the 50’s-80’s with some 90’s.plaatje1

I did not scan the comics myself only collect them from various sites on the internet, internet archive, Usenet Newsgroups and torrents.
So thanks to all the scanners and uploaders.

This blog is purely ment to preserve the comics and to enjoy them, no financial meanings are involved, if you like the comics buy them as long as they are availabe, because nothing can beat the feeling of reading a real comic.

If you find something wrong (downloads, numbering, information) please let me know so that i can correct the error.

Thanks to the following sites for the information :

Grand Comics Database



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  1. Dean says:

    Glad to see you again. Have forwarded your new url to the usual suspects. Now off to the stacks


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks. The next blog will be about the comicheroes of the golden age, not only the wel known superheroes like Batman, Superman, Captain America, but also the not so well known “normal” heroes like the Shining Knight, the Hour Man, Red Logan, Crimson Avenger and lots more.

      Liked by 1 person

      • bill broughton says:

        hi really enjoying your site .,,but please how do i get back to say xenozoic comics ,,, is there a way .saw it yesterday but sadly not in alphabet .index cheers ‘billbro


      • boutje777 says:

        Hello Bill, scroll down, at the left hand side you will find links to my other blogs, look for Underground Comix.


      • bill says:

        do appreciate that , also found new set of keys on my laptop that enabled me to go beyond cover shot
        thanks again Bill


  2. muzzman says:

    Great news, I look forward to the new blog.


  3. Andrea says:

    this is a great blog. Andrea!


  4. boutje777 says:

    I just opened a new blog with Movie and Television Comics.

    Movie and Television Comics


  5. boutje777 says:

    A new blog just opened about Crime and Police Comics.

    Crime and Police Comics


  6. boutje777 says:

    A new blog just opened about Army and War Comics

    Army and War Comics


  7. paddykool2 says:

    Great to see you up and running again ,boutje. I hadn’t realised you were back until I linked back with the children’s records link. This is on egreat site .Keep it up .


  8. boutje777 says:

    A new blog just opened about Horror and Mystery Comics

    Horror and Mystery Comics

    I am preparing a blog with Western Comics and also working on a blog with newspaper comics. Classics like Buck Rogers, Gasoline Alley, Katzenjammer Kids, Little Orphan Annie, Mandrake, Peanuts, Spirit, and a lot of other well known and not so well known titles. There are almost 400 titles to have on this blog.

    Unfortunately i had to cancel the special christmas comics blog because it is to time consuming to search all comics for christmas stories and titles and prepare them in a decent way. Perhaps next year when all my other blogs are up and running and i have more time searching these titles.


  9. TY says:

    love this site, you asked to be informed of errors—-From Beyond the Unknown No 13 will not load, thanks for putting these comics up.


  10. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 21-05-2016

    The next titles are updated.

    Jet Powers
    Mysteries of unexplored worlds
    Space war
    Strange journey
    Strange planets

    You can find the updates at the top between ==========


  11. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 24-08-2016

    1984/1994 (19) – New Title
    Fantastic Adventures (3)
    Lost in space (18) – New Title
    Mysteries of unexplored worlds (10)
    Rook (15) – New Title
    Star Rangers (3) – New Title
    Time jump war (3) – New Title
    Unusual Tales (4)

    Fantastic Comics 22 – In Various

    You can find the updates on older title at the top between ==========


  12. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 08-11-2016

    Alien Encounters (9) – New Title
    Alien Fire (3) – New Title
    Astonishing (5)
    Buck Rogers (1)
    Flash Gordon (4)
    Gorgo (2)
    Heavy Metal (217) – New Title
    Journey into unknown worlds (1)
    Mars Attacks (4) – New Title
    Mysteries of unexplored worlds (1)
    Planet Terry (12) – New Title
    Space Family Robinson (26)
    Space Squadron (3) – New Title
    Space War (2)
    Spanner’s Galaxy (6)
    Star Trek (117)
    Star Wars (21)
    Unearthly Spectaculars (3) – New Title
    War of the Worlds (6) – New Title
    Various (3)

    You can find the updates on older title at the top between ==========


  13. CYRILLE says:

    Hello, Boutje,
    Is it please possible to get the title “Sea Devils” ? It was published by DC between 1961 and 1967.
    Thank you for your reply.


  14. CYRILLE says:

    @boutje and dottedsun : thank you very much !


  15. boutje777 says:


    Sea Devils (35) – New Title


  16. Brian Hargis says:

    Tnx for all your work I love it


  17. Neil A. Hansen says:

    You may wish to check and check out the comics section. I saw the black and white magazines though then color ones may also be there. They have a section for comics.


  18. Matt says:

    Having trouble downloading the Star Trek Gold Key comic books.


  19. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 13-04-2017

    Challengers of the unknown (8)


  20. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 13-06-2017

    Astonishing (3)
    Journey into unknown worlds (1)
    Mysteries of unexplored worlds (2)
    Space Adventures (7)
    Space War (3)
    Star Wars (56)

    Various (1)


  21. scribbloids says:

    could you add don lawrences storm?


  22. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 25-10-2017

    Rocket Kelly (1)
    Strange fantasy (1)
    Robotmen of the Lost Planet in Various


  23. leemcdaid says:

    Just came across this directory with thousands of old comics/magazines.
    I don’t know who compiled it or where it was compiled from ( maybe even from this site )… but still, enjoy!


  24. John says:

    Any way to get Time Tunnel, F Troop, and/or Hogan’s Heroes?
    John A


  25. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 23-04-2018

    Star Trek (19)
    Tales To Astonish (67)
    Weird Wonder Tales (22) – New Title
    Worlds Unknown (8) – New Title

    Liked by 1 person

  26. flashgordon says:

    Any Chance that you will actually find storm in english language?
    I guess it is hard to find, I didnt find it myself


  27. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 24-09-2018

    Buck Rogers (1)
    Star Trek (144)
    UFO and outer space (3)
    Various (2)


  28. TDG says:

    Just so many comics on your blogs, I just don’t know where to start sometimes.
    I doubt I will be able to read all of those that interest me.


  29. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 04-05-2019

    Alien Encounters (6)
    Astonishing (9)
    Journey into unknown worlds (6)
    Strange Worlds (5)
    Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction (7) – New Title
    Weird Science (1)
    World Of Fantasy (2)


  30. michael gray says:

    As a boy in the 60s, I had an “Orlando” annual one Christmas, it was a tv spinoff from a show called “Crane” I can’t see it anywhere online any help would be appreciated. Great site 🙂


  31. John says:

    Looking for Battlestar Galactica – Mission Galactica UK Annual , please


  32. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 02-11-2019

    Some compilations from Buck Rogers, i had them in the British Compilations, but although they were in British magazines it’s better in his place on this blog.


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